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Do I need to register as an Accenture alumni?

Accenture employees do not need to register. Alumni can update personal information in our HR systems via the Former Employee Portal . If you need detailed instructions on how to update the data, please click on this document. Unregistered members can share job openings with alumni seeking new opportunities.

What do I need to access the Accenture portal and Resource Center?

Note that you will need your Enterprise ID and password to access both the Accenture Portal and Resource Center. Access this password-protected intranet to view internal Accenture employee information including benefits, training, employee contact information, and links to Accenture webmail.

What personalization options are available on the Accenture application form?

There are four personalization areas: o Name o Contact Phone & Email Address o Permanent Address Your latest Accenture information is pre-populated on the form for your quicker reference. All the updates you request are pushed to Workday immediately.

What is Accenture doing with my personal data?

Your personal data, including your contacts details and login credentials, will be processed to grant you access to a select group of tools, receive associated notifications, among other related purposes. Accenture invites you to carefully read its privacy statement to understand why and how Accenture is processing your personal data.


How do I get old payslips from Accenture?

Raise a request to HR via ur personal email. You would have got an relieving email to your gmail/yahoo(personal), Just reply onto ur email with your request. They shall consider it and share it with you. Don't forget to mention your “was” Accenture enterprise id and employee number.

How do I contact Accenture after resignation?

For ex-employee verification, you can inform the new employer to send request via email to India.HRSS.Ex-Emp@accenture.com.

How can I download Form 16 from Accenture after resignation?

Steps to download Form 16 from TRACESLogin to TRACES. ... Navigate to downloads from the dashboard. ... Select Financial Year and PAN. ... Details of authorised person. ... Select either of the following for KYC validation: ... Option 1: KYC Validation using DSC. ... Digital Signature KYC – option 1. ... Digital Signature Certificate option.More items...

What is Accenture employee portal?

The Accenture Portal includes a menu system and a search capability that enable Accenture users to have a one-stop destination for finding Accenture resources and services. The menu system includes lists of all applications, capabilities and knowledge sites available at Accenture accessible in one easy-to-use location.

Can I apply for Accenture again?

Accenture policies: 1) If a candidate has attended an interview within the past 6 months from the date of new application, then he/she is ineligible to apply. 2) If a candidate has been rejected by Accenture in an interview, then the candidate is ineligible to apply again for a period of 6 months after the interview.

Which is better TCS or Accenture?

Accenture is most highly rated for Culture and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is most highly rated for Job security and advancement....Overall Rating.Overall Rating4.03.9Compensation and benefits3.63.3Job security and advancement3.74.1Management3.53.4Culture3.93.71 more row

How can I get my old form 16?

Form 16 is a highly important document that must be preserved carefully. However, in case you have lost your Form 16, you can go through your mail and find it (if you received it via mail). In case you received a hard copy from your employer and lost it, you can request your employer to issue another form.

Can I get Form 16 online?

You can get your Form 16 from your employer. Even if you have left your job, your employer will provide you with Form 16. Unfortunately, this income tax Form 16 cannot be downloaded from anywhere.

How can I see my form 16 online?

TDS Certificate (Form 16/ 16A) Verification by the TaxpayerStep – I. Visit https://www.tdscpc.gov.in/app/tapn/tdstcscredit.xhtml.Step – II. Enter the Captcha code and click on Proceed.Step – III. ... Step – IV.

How do I unlock my Accenture account?

Please enter the email address associated with your account and click Submit. We'll email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password. If you do not have an email address associated with your account, please contact technical assistance to reset your password.

What is User ID in Accenture?

A: Your user name is the personal email address you registered with Accenture during the recruiting process.

What is Accenture probation period?

when you join newly as an ASE in Accenture, you are asked to sign an agreement saying u have to complete the probation period of 14 months . Once you complete your probation period you can legally leave Accenture without having to pay 75k , with certificates.

How many days of leave does Accenture offer?

In accenture below are types of leave. General leave which is approx 20 days in a year .For every 15 days you will work it will add 7.5 hour in your vacation balance. Suppose you joined accenture 3 month back then your leave balance will be 45 hours that is 5 days leave.

How to keep appointment letter safe?

Keep your appointment letter safe for records because it contains your salary and other perks details. Send periodic mails on official id to HR and keep your director/manager in CC.Make sure you are sending mail from official id. Also keep the record of the conversation.

Is a payslip required in 1950?

If company is not giving you payslip, they are actually violating the law. So, coming to the option you might have or action you can take:

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