borgata employee portal

by Thelma Hermann Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago

What stands out in Borgata

The benefits are not what they used to be we have benefits from Las Vegas. And they don't pay for much. Also they will match your contributions for your 401k.


The work and people were amazing very supportive. Management was superb they assisted me with any detail/question I asked, empowering me to make my own decisions.

MGM the worst

MGM only cares about itself, they work you like a dog. And no benefits. You better hope you don't.fall or get sick at this job! The managers are evil and only care about their positions. You can have an impeccable reputation and if they don't like you you are ostracized.

Productive, Satisfactory and workplace and costumer service excellent

I learned different culture, I enjoyed my workplace, where I have the opportunity to work every shift with more then thirty peoples when making and delivery drink to the casino floor.

Truly an all around great experience

Clock in, and report to your supervisors for jobs and details of the day, all around a great experience and it is truly enjoyable. Management is great and they care about their workers success. Dealing with the issues that come up may be stressful from time to time, but it isn't hard to do.

Fast paced environment where you come in contact with a lot of interesting people

For me, working at the Borgata was a different experience. I had to adjust to the shift (grave) and the management as well. It was difficult for me having to take care of my home life and manage my work as well. Night shift does not mesh well with having to come home and still take care of your family as a single parent.

It was a Great Experience

Great experience, great workplace. Managers were doing their jobs,the guest were friendly. I loved to be able to provide them with a clean room. Though it was hard making the rooms I still got through each day with my supervisor's encouragement

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