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by Prof. Hilton Schultz Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How to access KP email?

Kaiser Permanente uses secure email to send sensitive data to our members and third parties to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the information. I don’t see a mobile link for the mobile application. There is no mobile app. You can still access your secure message directly from a mobile device

Can you sue Kaiser Permanente?

While Kaiser Permanente can offer a great standard of care to many patients, all members should know that their membership is contingent upon their agreement not to sue Kaiser Permanente in the event of a medical injury. The Office of the Independent Administrator handles claims for arbitration filed against Kaiser Permanente.

Is Kaiser Permanente good?

The health system's net income grew over 27% versus 2020's figures despite higher demands on its services during this phase of the pandemic. Medical school enrollments, health system joint ...

Does Kaiser use MyChart?

Kaiser Permanente has used MyChart since 2003, and 70 percent of their adult members are registered. KP found patient-physician email is associated with a 2 to 6.5% improvement in HEDIS measures. -MyChart positively impacts patient loyalty and member satisfaction.


KP Employee Portal

A mobile application for chief secretary, secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners and head of department for proactive governance and decision-making. The app provides an executive dashboard presenting threshold-KPIs.

Implementation Status

The system is implemented and access is granted to all administrative secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners.

How It Works

A dashboard based access is provided to line departments, attach units, districts for managing pension cases

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